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A real estate broker, investor and developer, Joel St-Denis is an experienced entrepreneur with a solid reputation in his field. Working closely with purchasers, developers, tenants and municipalities, Mr. St-Denis has a knack for leaving his mark. 

Whether he is on the hunt for new locations for the development of real estate properties and multiple dwellings, analysing their profitability, finding passionate investors and unearthing innovative solutions for his clients and tenants, Joel St-Denis has the know-how to recognise and seize opportunities. Since this field is in a permanent state of flux, he remains in touch with and on the lookout for the latest trends and innovations.  Learn More...


I did business with real estate broker Joël St-Denis last spring during my search for a property. I must say that his dynamism and his professionalism have helped a lot in all the steps of the buying process. My son and I are happy of our choice and if the case presents itself, we will still call on his services.

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