Joël St-Denis


A real estate broker, investor and developer, Joel St‑Denis is an experienced entrepreneur with a solid reputation in his fi d. Working closely with purchasers, developers, tenants and municipalities, Mr. St‑Denis has a knack for leaving his mark.

Whether he is on the hunt for new locations for the development of real estate properties and multiple dwellings, analysing their profi ability, fi passionate investors and unearthing innovative solutions for his clients and tenants, Joel St‑Denis has the know‑how to recognise and seize opportunities. Since this fi d is in a permanent state of fl , he remains in touch with and on the lookout for the latest trends and innovations.

As a member of a family in which management and property investment have been inherent passions for more than 60 years, Joel St-Denis made his fi st purchase (an income property) at the age of 19.

Early on, his innate business sense and the care he takes to fully understand his clients’ needs have made him a thoughtful, considerate, and kind‑hearted entrepreneur. His genuineness, his calmness and the ease with which he is able to manage confl l situations foster a sense of trust and confi e in his clients and associates.

“My passion: real estate and investment! Working as a team with my clients to see their project take shape gives me a feeling of
achievement essential to my work”

stresses Mr. St‑Denis.

With a degree from the Université du Québec at Rimouski and a diploma in real estate brokerage (member of the de l’OACIQ, a self‑governing organism of real estate brokerage), Mr. St‑Denis also holds an RBQ licence, granted by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec. Deeply involved in business development in his fi d, he also fi the time to be an active member of various non-profi organisations.